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God designed the body to maintain robust health and fight disease naturally without the use of medications typically used to treat the symptoms of disease.  Everything we need for good health is found in good nutrition.  The body was designed to heal itself. We believe with the right tools, most any disease of the body can be turned around.


We teach Proper Food Combining as a way of eating that allows the best absorption and utilization of nutrients.  Food that one might think is good for maintaining health can be POISON to the body if eaten at the wrong time.  Sugar feeds yeast which is at the root of all disease.  Even natural sugar in fruit can feed the yeast if eaten at the wrong time.

The Golden Rule of Food Combining:  Eat fruit alone on an empty stomach and never mix protein and starch.  We will teach you the importance of cleansing and detoxification of the organs.

An essential part of our program includes 100% organic plant-based nutrition.  These are superior products not found in health food stores or in any sort of direct marketing program.  Over 50 years of research and development is behind these products.

The Symptom is NEVER the Cause

Sugar feeds cancer

Fruit eaten at the wrong time is poisonous to the body

New cells are made with nutrition

Cathy Murphy

Certified Natural Health Consultant

Certified Nutrition Specialist

TKM ® Provider,  Moline, IL

Call or Text  309-236-4088

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