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The King Method® is an extraordinary hands-on approach to all health disorders. This method has been shown to have a profound effect on the bio-electromagnetic systems of the body, which affect all bio-systems. The initial understanding of TKM® has been effectively utilized for years to help common to complex disorders. The most complete study in this science is TKM® (The King Method®).


Recent research has revealed TKM® to be one of the most extraordinary discoveries for natural and standardized health recovery. For over thirty-five years Glenn T. King, PhD, CDN, CN, Director of King Institute LLC, has researched the physics of the human bio-electromagnetic system and how it affects human health. The results obtained are truly extraordinary and profound, as is the understanding of how and why it is so effective. The extraordinary health and recovery connection is through physics, which has revealed the answers.

We use TKM® in the Clinic to open blocked energy pathways.  It is a non-invasive, hands-on approach to balance the bio-electromagnetic energy system of the body.

Helpful TKM sequences you can do yourself:

     Heart Attack Application

  Median Sequence Application

     First treatment for all acute &                 chronic diseases. Aids in stress     

     relief, immune system and

     nervous system issues.

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